Validating identify comcast

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The reason I asked is to see if I can find that same cable to use it in a Satellite system. for the cable modem and I only lose about 1.0 Dbmv which I think is pretty good. everyone is so worried about cable and brands and attenuation and whatnot if you buy rg6 cable as long as it doesnt have copperbraided shielding it will work trust me if you are using it for satellite though make sure the center conducter is solid copper not copper plated eblcb, Thanks for the link, very nice.

I found the cable used by Comcast to be of very high quality and easy to work with and wanted to buy the same cable but rated 2200 MHz to use it for Satellite. Since is Quad shielded there is no ingress and lower channels come in pretty good. However, if you look at the Commscope columns they all go to 1000 MHz.

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I don't think they are rated to 2200 MHz or at least I couldn't find one that was in their website. He wrote: "I can't tell you much, but I can make some assumptions.

The cable was made in 2003, and is ours, based on the second number.

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