Tips for white women on dating a black men

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Not just because they are white, but because y’all have a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG history of using and fetishizing black men to satisfy your racist fantasies.

Go watch a Humphrey Bogart movie and get your manhood back.

We are advised to dip our toes in larger society for education and career aspirations, but return to “the fold” and maintain our “blackness” and not think too much of ourselves or Read More…

Look, as much as white folks like to pretend that we live in a “post-racial” society — we don’t.

Girls are quick to get pissed when we keep a trinket but all the while wearing an engagement ring or otherwise to hold unto from the guy who cheated on her and dumped her before your rebounded ass. Sometimes you go out to a movie and he comes along, because he is her friend… The hang-arounder is usually a childhood boyfriend who doesn’t have anything else going on so he’s patient.

How can you respect yourself, making love to your girl and some dudes name is tattooed on her back… Mark my words, this guy is worst than the dick in a glass jar dudes, he knows the game and he thinks your girl is worth the wait.

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