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He said, "I just came from a Raconteurs tour and went right into that, so I was already full-speed.

Meg had come from a dead-halt for a year and went right back into that madness.

While recording From the Basement: The White Stripes, the design was switched to an image of White's hand holding the apple from the Get Behind Me Satan cover.

Beginning in 2006, she also used a pair of Paiste 14" Signature Medium Hi-Hats, a 19" Signature Power Crash, and a 22" 2002 Ride.

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White has not been active in the music industry since. The album eventually peaked at number 38 in Billboard's Independent Albums chart.

Andrew (This Battle Is in the Air)" from Icky Thump.

She also sang the popular Christmas song "Silent Night" on the single Candy Cane Children.

White has been nominated for various awards as a part of the White Stripes, and has received four Grammy Awards.

Her drumming style has been called "primal" for its simplicity, and drew both praise and criticism from fans and critics.

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