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I come before you Lord to petition you in Prayer and ask your blessing on me and my (Wife/Husband) to come together in harmony with sympathy, compassion and humility, faithfulness, honesty, respect and most of all love.

Lord, You have made us one in flesh and spirit and You are a witness to our marriage covenant.

It's one thing for a show to consist almost entirely of jokes meant for an older crowd and it's another for a show to find and manage a sweet spot of humor, adventure and drama that actually bridges generations. Some are designed to be just for adults while others, miraculously, are for everyone.

Oh, and the decision was made to not have any anime on this list as it, as a genre, could easily make for its own list (and just might down the line).

This list, however, is not just about animated shows that are for grown ups.

This list also includes "kid shows" that adults find highly enjoyable.

I give You praise and honor, Lord, and I thank you that no weapon formed against our marriage has prospered and I believe that You Lord will silence anyone who is attempting to come between us, telling my spouse that reconciliation is wrong.

On her way back to her table, she says that Faze Banks clotheslined her so hard in an effort to pull her into their party-space that he knocked the wind out of her and left a nasty bruise on her neck.

It only debuted last year, but already this ongoing story of twins Dipper and Mabel (Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal) and their "Grunkle" Stan's Oregonian Mystery Shack is a top contender.


Lord, I ask You to convict and deal with any unconfused sin in (Her/His) life.

Enable us to deal with any sin that would be hindering our marriage.

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