Male med students dating

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The time she’d spend waiting for you, she’d rather spend on sleeping or studying. Being nonsensical will take you to the very end of her date potential list. She’s used to sterile environments; don’t disrupt the balance of her world by being the bearer of bad bacteria. They’re sometimes on shift for 36 hours straight that a little wine and dine is the last thing on their mind.

Always look clean and smell clean, and don’t be a walking virus outbreak. Her shift could end at 3am, or 6am, or 12 midnight. Understand too that you gotta be ready for competition.

They’d be learning something well into their 30s, and in between that and the now, they’re either in a classroom, working on their thesis, taking some sort of exam, or running around in the hospital doing their rounds as doctor. And if you ask me what they do with their free time, I tell you they don’t have any.

I’ve known medical students and I know them to be ones who get to miss the most number of holidays. That is why it is pretty hard for them to find relationships outside of the medical university and the hospital.

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When they turn sour, the risks to all parties to the relationship can be very high. Her book, 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy...And How to Avoid Them, was named one of the top 10 most notable business books by the New York Post in 2007. The tribunal agreed, awarding her a total of ,000 including ,000 for injury to her dignity, feelings and self-respect, and ,200 for counseling expenses.Sexual relationships between students and faculty are fraught with peril.

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