Jeremy dating

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These two won't let a little drama rain on their parade!

After hot felon Jeremy Meeks and Topshop heiress Chloe Green debuted their romance in a most scandalous way — you know, showing off some PDA while Meeks was very much still married — the new couple isn't slowing down.

"The teacher was standing against the wall crying and shaking," Brian said.

"Some people were standing around her holding her as if to keep her from falling." Another student, Howard Perre Felman, and 11th-grader, was in government class when he heard the shot.

"But then I heard a scream and a blond girl came running out of the classroom and she was crying." Frightened, but curious, Brian looked into the classroom and saw Jeremy lying on the floor bleeding.

Police said that Jeremy had been in counseling with his father, but they did not know the specifics. Pennington said police did not know where the youth got the gun and had no clue why he would kill himself in a crowded classroom.

The classmates who witnessed the shooting were immediately ushered to a secluded room for counseling.

She accessorized her look with ankle-length stoned tan heels and a floral silk kimono from Zara.

Meeks, 33, wore tan shorts and a harness made of white rope with a gold jewelry piece.

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